Our Products

Our aim is to supply the highest quality sweets and snacks so customers return time after time to purchase our products. We are one of the few suppliers still to charge just £1.00 per bag and in most cases our bags contain at least 20% more weight than our major competitors. Value for money enables us to maintain the highest level of donation to the charity as possible.

Sweets and Chocolates
Jellies and Gummies

A mix of different kinds of chocolates, Raisins, Peanuts, Popcorn, Twix, Mars, Bounty, Smarties, M&M’s, Swiss Chocolate, Snickers, Chocolate Eggs, Brazil Nuts, Chocolate Coated Popcorn.

Fizzy Dummies, Wine Gums, Mini Gems, Strawberries, Laces, Belts, Teddy Bears, Jelly Beans, Jelly Babies, Pencils, Twists, Strawberries & Cream, Fried Eggs, Kolas, Rings, Milk Shake bottles, Shrimps, Fruit Salads, Liquorice Allsorts, Black Jacks, Turkish Delight, Kids Mix.

Hard Boiled Sweets

Chocolate Limes, Lemon Sherbets, Rhubarb & Custard, Summer Fruits, Rosy Apples, Mints, Pear Drops, Fruit Bon Bons, Spangles, Humbugs, Swizzles, Water Melon & Apple Fizz Balls, Satins, Fruit Rock, Fruit Selection.

Liquorice Toffee, Dairy Toffee, Milk Chocolate Toffee, Chocolate Eclairs, Chocolate Poppets, Dairy Fudge Toffee, Mint Toffee, Assorted Toffees.

Iced Flapjacks

Apple Strudel, Cherry & Sultana, Chocolate Chip, Clotted Cream, Plain, Raspberry, Sunflower & Raisin, Strawberry.

Banoffee, Cherry Bakewell, Choc Brazil Nuts, Cappuccino, Chocoholic, Triple Choc, Toffee Apple, Yoghurt & Apricot.


Custard Creams, Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits, Chocolate Sandwich, Chocolate Chip, Ginger Nuts, Oreo’s, Short Bread, Wafer Biscuits, Malted Milk, Sweet Rice Cakes.

Cupcakes – Chocolate, Cranberry, Toffee, Fruit, Blueberry
Sliced Cakes – Caramel, Angel Cake, Chocolate Chip, Cherry, Fruit, Lemon, Chocolate Mini Rolls, Jaffa Cakes, Eccles Cakes, Tea Cakes.

Savoury Snacks

Pea nuts, Savoury Cheese Biscuits, Salted Popcorn, Bombay Mix, Savoury Rice Cakes, Rice Crackers, Pretzels and Pretzels Sticks.

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