Frequently Asked Questions

This is how it works

You will receive our generic blue Charity Sweet boxes, personalised with your charity logo or event name you are supporting.

These are the options that are available to you: 

  • The display boxes are water proof and made from a strong coated cardboard with built in anti-theft money container.
  • Each box contains 20 packets of our most popular varieties of sweets, with a shelf life of between 12 and 18 months.
  • They are delivered personalized with your charity or event name and logo displayed both on the front and two sides of the box ready to use.  The printed area will show the charity logo (or event name) in the Centre and you can also add one line of text to the top and bottom in the font of your choice and colour. The font size will be determined by the size of the logo in question.  The minimum order is 10 boxes (200 bags)
  • For orders of 50 boxes (1000 bags) and above we can also personalise each individual bag with your charity name, printed in the oblong box on the front of each bag.
  • We will provide a proof for your approval and email this to you before the order is produced.
  • To ensure the highest reproduction of your logo we would need the artwork in Jpeg format, emailed to
  • Delivery is generally within 7 days of receiving the logo and label approval.
  • Sweet Causes provides a full buy back option whereby any unsold bags, with at least 3 months of their shelf life remaining, can be returned to us for 70% of the original sale price.
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer in advance.

We currently have an offer on orders of 100 boxes or (2000 bags) whereby the initial 20 boxes are free of charge producing a saving £180*


10 £9.40 £94.00 200 £200.00 £106.00
20 £9.20 £184.00 400 £400.00 £216.00
50 £9.00 £450.00 1000 £1000.00 £550.00


50 £9.40 £470.00 1000 £1000.00 £530.00
100 £9,00 £720.00* 2000 £2000.00 £1280.00

* All prices exclude vat

* Postage/delivery will be at cost price dependent on delivery address location

* Please be aware all products should be stored away from direct heat or sunlight away from radiators and window sills.

Please feel free to contact us at

I Already Have a Box How Does it Work?

We leave a display tray in your company containing 20 varieties of snacks and sweets.  Staff can purchase a bag at any time and leave the payment in the ‘honesty box’ provided. On a regular basis, our collectors will call to refill the tray, you can also put your request forward by telephone on 0845 1201531 or email to replenish your box. There is also an answer machine to leave your details.   The only small commitment we request is that the box be left in a safe reliable place within your work place.

How Much is Donated to Charity?

Breakdown of a £1.00 honesty donation:

Because we are unable to quantify the number of bags that are taken without payment, we have also agreed that Sweet Causes Ltd will guarantee a minimum donation of £20,000 per annum to each of our partner charities.


Donation Breakdown

I would like to display one of your boxes in our company, can you tell me more?

Please call 0845 1201531 or email with your details

Our Collector will call and leave a display tray in your company containing 20 varieties of snacks and sweets.  Staff can purchase a bag at any time and leave the payment in the ‘honesty box’ provided. On a regular basis, our sales collectors will call to refill the tray and replenish your box, you can of course request the variety you would prefer when the Collector calls.  You can also request a refill at any time by calling 0845 1201531 or email   The only small request we make is that the box is kept in a safe reliable place within your work place. On a regular basis we will issue a certificate to display showing the amount we have raised for our charities in a period.

What if there is shortage due to people taking the sweets without paying, are we responsible?

No, you are not responsible.

Fortunately the vast majority of people are honest and pay for the sweets, we have also been able to negotiate a special deal with suppliers to ensure the charities are not greatly affected, and we guarantee a minimum payment to the charity.

Customers of Charity Sweets will never be expected to cover any shortages, this is mainly down to the fact that our Collectors are employed directly by the company so their wages are never affected if the box is short.

Other companies franchise their distribution or use self-employed agents who lose out financially if the box is short and have been known to pressure the customer in an attempt to recover the shortfall.

The Charities Commission is very clear in their guidelines, if you market a product by way of donation on honesty box, you should never demand payment.

Charity Sweets fully complies with this directive and is another reason companies work with us.

Can you tell me about the products and ingredients?

Our products are processed and packed by Hummingbird Confectionery Limited. They only source products from quality ethical suppliers within the EU and the UK.

Our bags clearly show if the product is suitable for vegetarians or if they are gluten free.

Any allergies are highlighted in bold black print at the front or back of the bag.

The package will also states clearly if the product is Halal approved.

Regrettably we cannot guarantee that all our products are free from traces of/or contain of the following ingredients:  Nuts, Seeds, Soya, and Eggs.

Do the bags show calories and nutritional information?

Not all bags will show this due to the fact we use a generic film for the majority of the products.

If you require details on a particular items please email us on and will email you back by return with the information.

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