What if there is shortage due to people taking the sweets without paying, are we responsible?

No, you are not responsible.

Fortunately the vast majority of people are honest and pay for the sweets, we have also been able to negotiate a special deal with suppliers to ensure the charities are not greatly affected, and we guarantee a minimum payment to the charity.

Customers of Charity Sweets will never be expected to cover any shortages, this is mainly down to the fact that our Collectors are employed directly by the company so their wages are never affected if the box is short.

Other companies franchise their distribution or use self-employed agents who lose out financially if the box is short and have been known to pressure the customer in an attempt to recover the shortfall.

The Charities Commission is very clear in their guidelines, if you market a product by way of donation on honesty box, you should never demand payment.

Charity Sweets fully complies with this directive and is another reason companies work with us.

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