I would like to display one of your boxes in our company, can you tell me more?

Please call 0845 1201531 or email sales@charitysweets.co.uk with your details

Our Collector will call and leave a display tray in your company containing 20 varieties of snacks and sweets.  Staff can purchase a bag at any time and leave the payment in the ‘honesty box’ provided. On a regular basis, our sales collectors will call to refill the tray and replenish your box, you can of course request the variety you would prefer when the Collector calls.  You can also request a refill at any time by calling 0845 1201531 or email sales@charitysweets.co.uk.   The only small request we make is that the box is kept in a safe reliable place within your work place. On a regular basis we will issue a certificate to display showing the amount we have raised for our charities in a period.

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